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In all of north America Clopay is the # 1 garage door manufacturer as they offer a full line of residential and commercial garage doors. Their residential doors are not only functional but fashionable. There are more than 1,000 different Clopay garage door designs. There are wood, steel, composite, aluminum and glass with beautiful windows and designs. You will be sure to fall in love with several of their designs. Clopay once again is preferred also in their Commercial garage doors by professional builders, specifiers and architects.

The kind of house you are building will help determine the garage door you will be looking for. You will want to match your siding. You will want to imagine the garage door on your house. If you have a wood sided house then you would look for a wood Clopay garage door. Now you can see how beautiful these wood garage doors can be even with brick or rock siding. They offer great pictures so you can see how the door will look when it is copared with different colors of brick and siding. This helps tremendously in your choosing your own Clopay garage door. You may want a garage door with the same colors as your house or you may want some contrast. You may like to to keep it simple and just get a garage door to close off your garage or you may like to decorate your house with a beautiful Clopay garage door that has beautiful windows and fabulous handy work.

Whatever your garage door need is Clopay has everything you could be looking for. The Avante Collection with Aluminum and Glass garage doors, Coachman Carriage house garage doors, insulated R-value 6.5-9.0. Gallery Collection Steel Garage doors with a vintage style, insulated and non insulated, with a grooved panel. Grand Harbor collection garage doors are low maintenance and budget friendly, insulated and non insulated R-Value 6.3. Reserve Collection Custom and semi Custom made just for you out of many different kinds of wood, R-Value 6.

On all custom and limited editions, Clopay garage door painting and staining is optional. Then there is the Premium series Steel Garage doors with three layers of insulation and steel which is very durable and energy efficient. Also, there is the Value series garage doors in single layer non-insulated, which is attractive, reliable, and affordable.



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