Garage Door Spring Replacement

Can You Handle Garage Door Spring Replacement Yourself?

Overhead Garage doors sometimes go out of adjustment or have the springs that operate them break or wear out needing replacement. Fixing your own garage door is not a pleasant job, but can be done. You will need a Garage Door Spring Replacement friend to help you with this job if you choose to take it on yourself. Remember this important step: Always replace the whole spring mechanism or the whole set. Using old and new parts together can cause an imbalance in the door that can not be fixed by adjustment. Always wear eye protection and gloves to protect yourself when doing garage door spring replacement.

There are two kinds of springs used to operate garage doors, the torsion spring set and the side mounted spring set. The torsion springs are mounted on a metal shaft above the garage door and parallel to the top. A stationary plate above the center of the door frame supports these springs that work by extending along the shaft and twisting as the door opens or closes because of attached cables. These cables are attached to each side of the bottom garage door panel. Tension is formed that makes the door open and close easier. Side mounted springs operate through the use of pulleys. These are long heavy springs mounted at each side of the door track at the top. They also rely on tension when the door is closed to make lifting the door more possible. They get the same result as torsion springs. Before purchasing a garage door spring replacement kit, make sure you know which of these two kinds you have.

Read the instructions very carefully and proceed with caution when doing garage door spring replacement asGarage Door Spring Replacement these doors are heavy and the springs are under a lot of tension. You will need to release the tension before beginning to adjust or replace them. Do this by opening the door as far as possible and attaching a C-clamp to the track to hold door in place. Attach the clamp to the track below the lowest door roller or wheel. Safety cables must be removed from the springs. Take caution to not twist any cables when re-attaching. The springs are attached at two points that need to be disconnected, then the new springs reattached. This is a good time to replace the old pulleys. Once everything is replaced and attached, check door function before reattaching safety cables. Make any adjustments needed at this point.

Some places to shop for garage door spring replacement products are Sears, The Home Depot, Holmes Hardware Replacements, North Shore, and American Overhead Door Parts Inc. you can find these companies locally or online. Sears has a garage door repair, replacement and adjustment service available if you decide not to try this on your own.



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