Garage Door Weatherstripping

Garage Door Weatherstripping Brands to Protect Your Garage and Storage Area

Weatherstripping your garage not only helps protect your garage area, but also protects the things you store in your garage like cars, tools and other items. The fact is that garage door weatherstripping is an energy efficient way to protect belongings you store in your garage and a great way to conserve energy and save money on your energy expenses.  Weatherstripping has been used all over the world for various reasons including winterizing your home and conserving energy. The following will cover some of the brands of weatherstripping and how it helps you with going green and saving money.

National Hardware V7663 - Vinyl weatherstripping for your garage area to protect what you store in your garage area. M-D Building Products 3822 Vinyl Garage Door Top and Sides Seal - This is used for stopping dirt, drafts, rain and insects from getting into your garage and causing damage. Frost King 2-1/4" x 16' Black Rubber garage door weatherstripping - Helps seal out drafts, water, dirt, insects and even helps even out uneven areas on your garage door. WEATHERSTRIP - Garage door Bottom Seal with black sponge rubber.  This is used by the foot, made from Neoprene material and is excellent for even the cold weather.  It is Easily installed with staples, nails or screws for wooden garage doors. ProSeal Garage Door Bottom Seal Insert - Model #55010 is great for replacing current garage seals and is designed for the roll up garage door. It's made from PVC in the USA.

That's just four brand names in weatherstripping you can use for your garage. All you need to do is follow the instructions given with the package and you are on your way to saving money and conserving energy.  Let's not forget how this option provides you with optimal garage protection.

When shopping for garage door weatherstripping consider the length, size and type for your particular garage door.  A little online research can go a long way when you are choosing weatherstripping for your garage.  You can also choose to contact retailers via email to pick their brains on choosing the right weatherstrip material for your garage door.  It's not only energy efficient; it's cost effective.



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