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Since 1995, Genie has manufactured garage door openers featuring the patented Intellicode technology. Genie's rolling code technology provides premier security for any home or business by automatically changing the access code every time the remote control button on the garage door opener is pushed. This system prevents an unauthorized person or device from capturing the access code to the system. The Intellicode rolling code technology uses a proprietary coding system that selects a new code from 4.3 billion possible options each time the system is activated.

The Genie Intellicode wireless keypad uses a customer programmed security code to control access to the garage without the standard remote control. The wireless keypad can be used with any Genie Iintellicode garage door opener. The keypad can operate up to three garage door opener units on three different doors. The Genie wireless keypad features a back-lit key panel with easy to see buttons, easy installation and convenient, secure access to the garage. The wireless keypad requires a 9V battery for operation which is included, as well as a one year manufacturer warranty.

Genie garage door opener accessories include the 3-Button Transmitter with Visor Clip. This remote is easy to program and offers a small, ergonomic design that is perfect for carrying in a purse or pocket. The 3-Button Transmitter is compact and convenient. The versatile device operates any Genie Iintellicode garage door opener and can be programmed to operate up to the garage door opener units. The remote control features an extended battery life and an optional key chain.

The Linear GT-31 Genie Intellicode Compatible Gate and Garage Door Opener Key Chain Remote is a convenient, useful accessory for individuals with the need to access multiple gates or secured garages. The miniature remote features three buttons with three channels which allows the remote control to operate three different devices such as a community gate, home garage, business garage or storage unit. The remote is compatible with any Genie Intellicode garage door opener. The compact remote can attach to a key chain or keyring for easy access. It also includes a quick disconnect keyring. The Linear GT-31 is equipped with a long life 12V battery as well.



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