Overhead Garage Door

Life Without An Overhead Garage Door Opener? No Way!

There are several modern conveniences currently in our lives that we simply don't have an appreciation for. As I was pulling up into my driveway this afternoon it crossed my mind that I take my overhead garage door opener for granted as I click the tiny little button of the remote control of my Genie Powerlift 1/2 HP. It is exactly that, my genie, but not in a bottle. It comes in the disguise of a tiny little gray piece of technology with three little buttons. All I have to do is simply press and release and the garage door opener that is installed inside of my garage does its duty as I drive the family car into safety.

I have never really looked at my overhead garage door opener in this way in the past, but it has never failed me, except for my occasional brush with a need for new batteries. Who can blame the device? It has to have a need of something! Additionally, on the days that I have forgotten to bring my remote in my car with me, I also have the convenience of the keypad directly outside the garage door where I can conveniently punch in a secret pass code and miraculously the door opens to my satisfaction! Who thought that I could get so thrilled by opening a door? 

When I was shopping for my garage door opener, I was flirting with several different models. I looked at the Craftsman models, Chamberlain, Skylinknet, and Power Drives, but none of them seemed to catch my eye like the Genie Powerlift. What I liked even more was that it was incredibly affordable and years later, I feel like I did indeed get my money's worth. I have watched garage door openers go bad in my parents home and the home of various friends and neighbors, but 10 years later, my reliable Genie is still working great! I cannot even begin to imagine what life would be like if my children or I had to get out of the car in the rain to open the garage door. One thing I am certain of is that life is much more convenient with an overhead garage door opener.



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